Thursday, December 01, 2005

Trust: Respect and Sensitivity

(Part Eight of a multipart series)

There are many articles written about trust and how it is developed and maintained in an organization as well as the leader's role and responsibility with instilling it in employees. Throughout almost article you find you will see that there are common "trends" or observations about trust. To some this may seem like repitition, but to the leader who is continually learning and fine-tuning their leadership skills, they will see this as opportunity and reinforcement of a critical skill. Here are a few more tips on how leaders can instill trust in an organization.

Respect and Sensitivity: leaders should listen to the employees with respect and by giving them their full attention. Exhibit appropriate levels of empathy and always be sensitive to the needs of the employees.

Risks: leaders take thoughtful risks to improve services and products for the customer. Always be aware, however, that you will need your employee's "buy-in" to your plans if you want to be successful.

If you are a leader, you need to be aware of these simple concepts and incorporate these into your skill set and awareness. By showing respect and sensitivity to your employees needs you will be able to solicit their help and support where needed. In addition, by taking throughtful risks, not only will you build up trust amongst the employees but you will also show your level of competenece and carying for the customer, the employee, and the organization.

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