Thursday, August 07, 2008

Permission to Succeed

As a leader and influencer of people, do you generally believe that others want to be as successful as you? You may think that, but quite the opposite is true. As leaders we are responsible for helping others believe that they can succeed and for showing them that you really want them to be successful. So, just how do you go about doing that?

Here are two easy ways to express to others that you want them to succeed:

1. EXPECT IT. People around you, whether you are their leader or not, are influenced by your attitude and, hopefully, enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and energy are contagious. If you are positive, encouraging, enthusiastic and energetic, those around you will be motivated and encouraged. However, if you do not demonstrate any of these behavior traits, then whatever it is that you have will be contagious as well. Take a quick inventory of your attitude. What are others seeing? If you really want an honest appraisal, ask those that you work and live with. What do attitudes and behaviors do they see?

2. VERBALIZE IT. Those you lead will need to be told, FREQUENTLY, what you see in them and what you believe they are capable of doing. They need to hear you say that you want them to succeed. Encourage and support them, tell them that you KNOW they are going to be successful beyond their wildest imagination! Send encouraging notes and become their own personal cheerleader for success. Send a message of positive reinforcement as often as you can.

Once folks recognize that trust that you truly want them to succeed and that you are committed to helping them do so, they will begin to believe what you are telling them and start on their road to success. Nothing is more rewarding for leaders than to see those that they influence reach for the stars!

Copyright Michele A. Webb, 2008. All Rights Reserved.