Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Focus on Team Benefits

To be a great leader you need to not only influence those who are following you, but you also demonstrate how it is to be a great team player.  In a recent article by John G. Maxwell in Success magazine, he shared that leaders will focus on the benefit to be gained by all the team rather than themselves.  This is a characteristic of the servant's heart or the desire to influence and help the people you are leading. 

To assess how effectively you are focusing on the team benefits, here is a question and short activity that you can use to take your influence as a leader and team member to the next level:
  • Do all your goals have to do with your own achievements, or the achievements of the team?
To re-direct your focus OR to take your team benefits and influence as a leader to the next level, ask yourself the question above and then take action by:
  • Making a list of five (5) ways you can contribute to the overall advancement and success of your team.
Pick the most important activity from this list of five and then act on it and make it a reality.  By doing this you will be able to influence and direct your team (or colleagues) to achieve greater success!


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