Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dictators and Their Effect on the Workforce

In the past 20 years there has been a massive shift in corporate leadership. Accountability for leadership and what really goes on in an organization has been pushed down and distributed throughout the organization. Command-and-control tactics may still be found in basic military installments; society, however, has been informed to the point that the vast majority of the population will no longer tolerate a dictatorial style of leadership. Today’s generation is more concerned with people than with products.

In this consumer-oriented era, the balance of power has really shifted and flows from the bottom up. It is a high-stakes game where the consumer is holding the most valued cards or sitting in the driver’s seat.

Perhaps you are a leader who believes there is no alternative other than to be an autocratic leader in today’s marketplace. With any business, it certainly takes a firm hand to guide an organization, but dictatorial methods will never work in the long run. Here are five reasons to not be an autocratic leader:

The best people will always head for the door. Your best employees who have their acts together enough to land a new job or serve in a new cause will always leave a dictator to his/her own devices.
Only the insecure, ineffective workers stay behind. Autocratic organizations and leaders will eventually find that they have zero leadership – except for the dictator.

The work environment becomes one of constant stress on employees. Dictators and their domineering decision-making produces an atmosphere of anxiety and tension that even visitors or customers can recognize.

Dictators cannot afford, or tolerate, even one failure. If you are an autocrat, beware! Just one bad or unpopular decision and the “troops” will pounce all over the dictator’s leadership and attempt to tear it down.

The overall quality of services and products will decrease because of the demoralized workforce. The internal strife and stress that is produced by the dictator will eventually cause the bottom line of the organization, or its mission and goals, to suffer.

If you find this story believable, or are honest enough with yourself to admit that you may be an autocratic leader in need of a makeover, then do not waste any time – start changing your style today! Just how does one get transformed from a dictator to a humble leader? First, it begins with you. In order to reinvent or breathe life into your organization, you must first reinvent and transform yourself.

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