Thursday, August 11, 2005

Become a Master Leader

Only you will know what is important in achieving your vision of success. However, we all have common or shared goals and outcomes that will help us to lay a foundation for where we want to be as a leader.

You can dramatically increase your chances for succeeding in business as a leader when you take the time to learn from a coach or mentor. A coach is someone who has “walked in your shoes” at one point in time and developed skills or learned and overcome the obstacles to earn success and happiness. One common thread we can learn from our greatest leaders is that they, and you, can learn and master performance from the “masters” or those who have developed skills and techniques to enhance their leadership abilities. Whatever quality or skill you want to develop can be learned or fine-tuned by learning from others who have the skill you desire.

Decide what skill, technique or process(es) you want or need. Then, seek a coach or a mentor who has these skills that is willing to work with you to share their experiences and to give you some guidance on how to integrate these concepts into your own leadership style.

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