Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Harnessing the Power of a Great Leader

It takes a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance to be a great leader, but it can be done! There are three principles that you should be aware of as you hone your leadership skills:

YOU MUST HARNESS THE POWER OF THE WILL. It is almost impossible to harness the power of an individual’s will once it becomes fixed. A leader must understand the huge implications of this process. It is important that the leader understands the people they are leading and that they are influenced a great deal of time by loud and repetitive messages sent by the competition or negative thoughts and influences. An individual’s will is somewhat like a ship’s rudder. It guides us through the calm waters and steers us in the right direction in choppy seas. If the will is not fixed on the positive mission of the leader and their company, they may not make it through difficult times. Remember, the will is not really the problem, it is the positive or negative forces with the values we attach to it that guides us.

“VECTOR” SUM OF FOCUS. This concept, presented by Spencer Tillman ( comes in a simple acronym and can be used by leaders to evaluate their activities and to guide where their focus should be:

V – values that must be in place
E – energy that comes from passion about our purpose
C – courage that is on hand to move forward, despite our fears
T – talent that separates us from the “average” or “ordinary” leader
O – organizational ability that prevents chaos from entering the process
R – resources that must exist in order to sustain an individual’s passion

CREATIVITY AND DESTRUCTION. This principle teaches the leader that creativity and destruction helps to develop patience by showing that processes always take longer to make than to destroy them.

This three principles will help to guide the leader through almost any activity or event they are faced with. It is important that the leader understand the principles and then apply them to situations with which they are faced. Once the leader can capture an individual’s will power and then focus the will on the values, energy, resources and abilities required to move the company forward, the leader can promote the creativity and energy needed to ultimately achieve success.


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