Friday, September 24, 2010

Look Below the Surface

Leaders will use vision not only for problem solving, but also to look beyond the obvious and understand people and their behaviors.  Bill Hybels said that, "Vision is the ability to see beneath the surface of people's lives." 

Most of us can pick out the obvious in one another.  For example, you may say to a friend that "She is gifted," or "He is so arrogant," and your friend might reply with "That is so true!"  Both of you would smile in agreement and maybe even marvel in your mutual observations and insights about others.  But, in reality, all you have done is make a remark (and maybe even an unkind remark) about something that is obvious in another person.  Visionary leaders will not settle for the obvious.  Instead they will look beneath the surface of that person and search for their uniqueness and goodness.  They will look at the heart of their character, their hopes and fears and identify what motivates that person's behavior. 

We need visionary leaders who treat others with kindness and respect and then match people to projects and tasks that are comparable to their skills and abilities.  Look beyond that person's faults or weaknesses and, instead, seek out their potential and draw it out.  Look beyond the obvious and see what is really going on inside that person and what can be drawn out and developed into something meaningful and of value.  It takes courage for a leader to see something in a person that no one else sees.  Be a visionary leader today!

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