Saturday, October 01, 2005

Exercising Authority by Giving Instruction

The role of a leader is to ensure that everyone on the team undrestands instructions and carries them out as effectively as possible. Leaders know that it is rare for everything to go according to plan and put into place monitoring mechanisms that will enable them to deal with any deviations quickly.

How the leader gives instructions matters far less than the quality of their content. If the team has already reached a viable decision, the leader does not need to win acceptance from the group. But, having to say "This is an order!" is a warning sign of malfunction on one side or the other.

Before you issue instructions or commands such as this, be absolutely clear in your own mind what the requirements are. This will be communicated back to the team by your tone of voice, and your body language will reinforce your message. If you are communicating instructions via telephone and email, you will need to take extra care to make sure that the tone of any written language as well as your tone of voice clearly conveys the right message.

As the team if they have any concerns about what you have asked them to do so that you can clear problems up before they create havoc or cost the organization time, energy or even money that detracts from the big picture goals.

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