Thursday, October 27, 2005

Having Difficulty Remembering Names?

Remembering a person's name, or using their name when you talk with them, is one of the most powerful tools a leader can use. But, if you have difficulty remembering names there is a way to strengthen your memory and to get the name to "stick" with you. This can be done by using an analogy and acronym called "LMER" glue. Here's four simple steps:
  1. LOOK AND LISTEN - look at the person and get a strong mental image. What are the characteristics that make them unique? Are they short or tall, thin or large, hair or no hair, glasses or no glasses? Listen to their name. If you don't hear the name clearly, don't be embarrassed to ask them to repeat their name.
  2. MIND PICTURE - associate the person's name with a picture that is easy to recall. The full name should create one single picture in your mind. The mental image that you created of this person should be in this image. Difficult names could be broken down into syllables to create memorable pictures. For example: Staneart (Stan-irt) could be pictured as "STANding up to my waist in dIRT."
  3. EXAGGERATE - the more exaggerated and colorful the picture, the easier it will be to remember. Make the picture larger than life or funny. You could add a bit of danger or fairy tale if you like.
  4. REPEAT - repeat the name silently to yourself several times. Try to use the name in the conversation you are having with this person. One way to boost your memory power would be to introduce the person to others so that you repeat the name without drawing attention to the fact you are trying to remember it.

One last tip that I use - write the person's name down. Keep a small notebook or index card handy and write the person's name down after your conversation is finished. At the end of the day, or week, you have a written record to help boost your memory. GOOD LUCK with strengthening your memory and remembering those names.

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Scott Henrikson said...

Michele, I will try and use your trick for remembering names. If we had met in person tonight, I would have repeated your name as I shook your hand and would have tried to use your name in conversation with you but if we had walked away and ran into each other later in the evening there would be a very good chance that I wouldn't remember your is something that is very frustrating at times.


Anonymous said...

Michele, I will try your trick...hopefully it will work. Having problems remembering people's names is very frustrating at times.