Thursday, January 26, 2006

Characteristics of Good Leaders

Whether you are a manager, team lead, or a chairperson, you are probably leading a group of people. But, just holding the position of authority does not automatically make you a good leader. A "boss" is someone who gives instructions, mets out discipline and provides rewards when they are warranted. A good leader, on the other hand, uses personal characteristics and skills to help inspire people to achieve great things. One of the biggest differences is that people want to follow a good leader; but they have to follow the bosses orders.

If you take any time at all to study the characteristics of great leaders you will find some common threads on the characteristics they possess. Good leaders:

  • Are accountable
  • Are trustworthy
  • Help to establish vision, values and beliefs for all those they lead
  • Set goals and work to create a positive, empowering environment
  • Always give recognition for jobs well-done or innovative thinking
  • Build "buy-in" in those they lead so that they see what's in it for them
  • Are always strong communicators
  • Truly care about people and their personal goals
  • Help those they lead to blend their personal goals with that of the organization
  • Are driven by discipline and habit
  • Are always responsible for their actions and that of those they lead
  • Offer training and assistance to help people meet their goals
  • Provide opportunities for others to take on leadership roles
  • Are knowledgeable of the business, but not necessarily an expert

As you review this list you can do a self-check to see where you need to plan for further development of your own leadership skills and characteristics. As you begin your own personal journey into leadership development you will find that it is a lifelong process that can be very rewarding and even fun!


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