Monday, January 02, 2006

Leaders, Egos and Serving with Love

"In this world we were born not to do great things,
but rather to do little things with great love."
- Mother Theresa

"We are so distracted by our egos that we lose sight of the really important things in this world. This is especially hard for those thinking of themselves as “leaders”. Let go of that “ego” for a while, and forget about being a “leader”. Rather look at an opportunity each day to do something small, for someone else, with no strings attached, that be-speaks the challenge to measure up to doing something with great love. It doesn’t have to be grandiose, nor something that draws attention. The core idea here is to give that deep source of love in yourself a chance to come out – to make a vital connection and difference. Great leaders such as Mother Theresa, walk a humble pathway, and are more concerned with giving than receiving. Try to right the balance this week by reversing your own trends and enjoy the difference. And observe the reaction of others for whom you are making that difference." (from Dr. John P. Keenan, author and creator of Leadership International.)

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