Sunday, November 06, 2005

Give Credit Where Its Due

"... Priase loudly, blame softly."
- Catherine the Great

One of the singlemost important behaviors that will earn your respect and trust as a leader is this: always give your people the credit for your achievements and successes. NEVER take the credit for yourself.

However, you must always take the blame and accept the responsibility for any shortcomings or mistakes that you or your people make. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER publicly blame another person for a failing. If a person under your leadership has made a mistake, that failing is your responsibility. True leaders never hide behind the people they lead.

Take time to listen and to really understand those that you lead or communicate with. Understand every nuance or aspect of the job that all do. Ask and learn about what people do and think, and how they think that improvements can be made. Incorporate those improvements wherever possible.

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