Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Employees Want in a Leader

As a leader, there are four specific factors that must be present in your communications with those you lead in order for employees to be happy and motivated to work.

is the fundamental right of everyone in the workplace. If employees feel that they are treated with respect they will usually respond reciprocally with respect and dignified actions. A leader can demonstrate their respect for their employees by giving them praise and credit where its due and timely feedback so that they know how they are doing at work.

Members of an "in-crowd."
Everyone wants to be part of the "in-crowd." This means that they will know and have access to information as quickly as anyone else in the workplace. An effective leader knows how to foster this kind of a relationship with those they lead.

New skills and learning opportunities
are something almost every employee wants to have access to in the workplace. They will want to develop their capabilities and grow in their knowledge of the workplace and their careers. Leaders should make these opportunities available to each employee. This will demonstrate your commitment to helping them develop their careers.

Employees expect leadership.
They want a sense of being on the right track, of going somewhere that has been defined and what knowing what is important to the company and to them as employees. They like being part of something bigger than themselves. Employees need to know that someone who is trustworthy and "in the know" is in charge.

With these four factors in place leaders will be able to observe productivity, motivation and happiness amongst employees.

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