Friday, November 18, 2005

Trust: Hiring and Promoting People

(Part Five of a multipart series)

Leaders cannot always control the trust experienced in larger organizations, but you can act in ways that will promote trust within the immediate work environment. One way in which to promote trust is the hiring and promoting of people in the workforce.

Look to hire people who are capable of forming positive, trusting interpersonal relationships with other people and co-workers who report to them or to other supervisory positions.

Next, leaders should develop the skills of all the employees that are under your leadership, especially those that are supervisors or those desiring promotion. Addressing their needs and developing a full understanding of the tasks before them will help you to build an interpersonal relationship, be more effective as a leader, and ultimately gain the trust of that individual.

As always, keep employees truthfully informed at all times. Provide as much information as you can comfortably divulge as soon as possible in any situation. Remember that most erosion in trust is a result of that trust either being broken by the leader in past experiences, the organization or as a result of that employees prior experiences. By keeping everyone informed you will assure them that you are looking out for their best interests and that you are a person who can be counted on.

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